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Creating the Johnny Carson Silicone sculpture
Mr. Johnny Carson,

Click here to see the sculpting process
Photograph by Guy Louis-XVI © 2002

 an American Television Icon, hosted "The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson" for 30 years, from 1962 till 1992.

Ultra-realistic, Hi-Tech Silicone Skinned mannequin, first started out as a clay sculpture, then molds were created to produce a silicone positive. The small photo insert above was one of the images I used for reference.
The sculpture is now on permanent display in Elkhorn Valley Museum and Research Center, in Norfolk Nebraska, USA, Mr. Carson's home town.
For more information about Mr. Carson's permanent exhibit, click here.
For more information on Mr. Carson, click here.

Click here to follow the process involved in creating the Johnny Carson sculpture!

Silicone used to create this sculpture was Smooth-On "Dragon Skin" 


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